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Creating & Keeping Your Account

How do I create a Knights Email account?
Can I change my Knights Email address?
What if I forget my password or my account is locked?
Do I get to keep my account after I graduate?
I haven’t signed on to my account in a year, is it expired?
What is Knights Email and why do I have to use it?
Where do I sign in to get to my email?
How do I set-up my Knights Email account on my phone?
How do I add my Knights Email account to my computer’s mail client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird)?
I get my email, what are the other services that are offered by Knights Email?
Is it safe to be using Microsoft email?

Signing In

I already have a Hotmail/Live/MSN account and when I click the sign in button it goes to that email account. How can I login to my Knights Email?

Using Email

Can I forward my Knights Email to another email address?
What size is my mailbox?
What size attachments?

Using Calendar

How can I share a calendar with others? Does the calendar have a "free\busy" look up?
How does the calendar system synchronize with mobile devices?

Using Other Services

I opted out of the UCF Alerts, why am I still getting Campus News emails?
How do I get rid of the spam in my Knights Email account?


Can I create a Knights Email as a retired UCF Faculty member?